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Lovely Sunday

In the spirit of the Heabster, I prepared Protein Pancakes for breakfast using her recipe and modifying slightly by adding a small amount of whole wheat flour and using PediaSmart instead of rice protein powder.  I cooked them with organic coconut oil and they were really good and actually quite fluffy.

Click here for a free sample of PediaSmart!

I got these samples of PediaSmart at Lifetime and tossed them in since I’m waiting for an order of protein powders from Vitacost. You can get your own free samples by clicking on the picture if you’re so inclined!  Here’s how they turned out:

Chocolate Protein Pancakes with a yummy pear

And here’s the reaction—totally kid tested, Mami approved!

Happy Pancake Face

After that first round, I whipped up a second batch of Vanilla Protein Pancakes by request from my little pumpkin head!!  HEAB scores again! 🙂  I’ll be back later with an update after our family yoga session.  Enjoy your day, it’s gorgeous here in VA.


Comments on: "Lovely Sunday" (2)

  1. Your little one is absolutely beautiful. Glad both she and mama enjoyed the pancakes. 🙂

  2. Oh my Gosh – Mami is gorgeous!! 🙂 How cute. Yum to the pancakes…mmm…so popular in the Blog world, I must ‘get on those’…with maple syrup…yum. Thanks for the link to the Mantras – so much appreciated! Have a good night.

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